Hue Are You is a forthcoming anthology series celebrating color in our world. Each book will feature a particular color in all its varied shades, tints, tones, and names. So by YELLOW we also include canary, gold, daffodil, flaxen, lemon, mustard, dandelion, etc.

One of the many things that excites us about this project is the fact that color doesn’t really exist! What we see and label as colors are created by our brains (with light, an object, and our eyes). We could elaborate on the amazing science behind color, but suffice it to say that our perception is processed by subjective minds, unique eyes, and changing light . . . and what better ingredients for human expression?
Interpretation of how color comes into play in your work is an open field, but the chosen color must play a central role somehow in your piece, whether physically, emotionally, culturally, politically, symbolically, or even metaphysically. We suspect, given the nature of the creative mind, that there will be interweavings of some of these — maybe all!

Think of red in the iconic “The Red Wheelbarrow” (Williams Carlos Willams); or green in “Oread” (H.D.) as a catalytic, mythic force in nature; or the color of food tied to the ache of adolescent memory in “Oranges,” (Gary Soto); or how “Flower” (Jericho Brown) bends yellow into unexpected realms.

We seek poems, very short prose (500 word maximum), mixed genre, and art for each collection. We’ll start with the three primaries in paint — red, yellow, and blue — then expand from there as the series unfolds. Previously published work will be considered, but please include acknowledgment (publisher, date) in your submission file.

We embrace all creative forms and seek well-crafted submissions. Excerpts from prose pieces are welcome if they can stand on their own. Art submissions will be considered for cover art and for limited interior pages in full color. The books will be in a 8" x 8" format; visual artists please consider this when submitting images.

We are very enthusiastic about this new series and look forward to seeing your work. Contributors will receive one copy of the book and substantial discounts on book orders.
So go ahead, ask yourself: "Hue Am I?"